Thursday, June 30, 2016

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rules that excludes the Deaf from certain careers.

The other day I was talking with my girl friend and she was telling me about someone who wanted to work on a cruise line but was denied at the very last minute because of a rule that the Coast Guard had in place. I found this article
Coast Guard changed rules and thought that this was one good example of where we should remove barriers in rules and regulation so opportunities are not denied.

So is there a reason why, I as a Deaf citizen of the United States of America, can not join the Army/Navy/Air Force and move up in rank? Is there rules there that explicitly states that you have to have normal hearing or vision in order to be a marine/general/cadet? There are plenty of services that the Army does that can be subsituted with a visual language(morse code comes to mind). People who carry supplies to the troop is one such service. My father was a butcher in the Korean War serving the Top Boss in Germany. A Deaf person can do the same. Here another article that touch on this subject (Deaf unable to enlist)

How about being a doctor or a nurse? Wouldn't it be nice if I could be seen by a Deaf Doctor or Nurse. Naturally there are all kinds of nurses, including those that work with patients that are non-verbal or work in the lab. I did some searching and came across this web site (Assocation of Medical Professional with Hearing Loss). So we just need to put up a fight to make changes.

What about teachers in mainstream programs? Are teachers who are deaf excluded because of some rule that states they need to hear?

I've heard there was some rules regarding driving an 18 wheeler. Looks like the CDL (Commerical Driver License) requires you to have good hearing. Why is that? If we can drive a car, then how different is that than driving an 18 wheeler?

In general, there are probably a lot of regulations that need to be changed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Illinois HB0725 - ASL as a foreign language

I've recently made a request for an amendment to the above mentioned bill to my representative. If you are an Illinois resident please point your representative to this blog and request that they also support an amendment as I have stated below.

Dear representative,

Please add an amendment to the Bill HB0725. That not only make American Sign Language a choice in meeting the foreign language requirement, but also require that all major that work with those who have a hearing loss take American Sign Language as a required course a part of their degree.
The major I'm speaking about are speech pathologist, audiologist, and ear and nose doctor.

This will make communication easier for those seeking their service. It also encourage the service provider to make their service more accessible.

I believe this is a critical amendment that is needed on this bill. Required should be the keyword in order to obtain a degree in such field.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Captioning and DBC

I'm a strong supporter of captioning of web video and I'm also a strong supporter of the cause of the Deaf Bilingual Coalition(DBC). The more I think about these causes, I realized how captioning can help the cause of DBC. I see often times where we are deprived of captioning of web video that entirely in the spoken language and we should continue to advocate for the rights to appreciate them. Take for instance a post by a friend of mine who happened to be Deaf and also know the words to one of John Denver's song by heart. She took upon herself to caption the song. Now this brings joy to my heart.
Earlier I stated captioning can help the cause of DBC. We are so bent sometimes on ensuring our rights to captioning but sometimes we forget the rights of Deaf children of hearing parents. Why don't we also advocate for the rights to literacy of Deaf children by exposing them to American Sign Language(ASL). One way we can do such is to advocate for the captioning of ASL video by saying all video of ASL to also be caption. I often times enjoy watching an ASL VLOG and thought this is an excellent story that the greater public should also know about, yet they will be deprived of it since it is not captioned. If we want to encourage hearing parent to learn ASL so they can also pass them on to their Deaf children, then we should demand that ASL video also be captioned for the hearing people. It should be a two way street for the greater needs of everyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Society of Deaf Computing Engineers

I'm contemplating on establishing a computer society where it's members are Deaf or supporters of the society. Here are some visions I have that will benefit from the establishment of such society.

1. Job Announcements/Resume bank for employer to view/post.
2. Discounts on Hardware/Software/Books/etc.
3. Creation of code camps and displaying the work of contributors.
4. Workshops where members can provide educational presentations to benefit members or the public.
5. And more...

It would more likely start out as a group and eventually become a 501c3 organization. Here are a few suggestion of the organization name.

A. Society of Deaf Computing Engineers
B. Deaf Computer Society

I sort of like the first choice but if you have a suggestion then feel free to send them this way.